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2020/03/18 15:12:00


Over the years we have developed a team of seasoned Facilitators with extensive experience and passion in imparting as well as sharing knowledge and insight in several business and personal development spheres. To ensure that that is the effective delivery of our training interventions, we have adopted formal approaches that include the following elements:


Facilitation is provided by practitioners who possess first-hand experience in respective industries. These are people who have tested academic theories and challenged organizational dogma. Through their experience, they can facilitate and provide guidance that can be utilized in a real business environment.


We have adopted an approach where our learners will be afforded an opportunity to access professional advice as well as mentorships that will be dedicated to their business environment. These technical support and mentorship intervention will be provided in a group format based on the industry specifics.


The e-learning platform serves as a backbone for continuous support, engagement with our clients and learners. Through e-learning, learners have unlimited access to learning content and they will be able to engage with facilitators continuously in their quest to refresh knowledge on the various subject matter.


We adopt a case study based approach to rendering learning and development services. Case studies bring interesting, real-world situations in the learning journey. The case study method creates an environment in which learners succeed not only by simply absorbing facts and theories but also by exercising the skills of leadership and problem-solving.

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